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Prevent Your Cat From Getting Lonely

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  1. Prevent Cat Your Cat From Getting Lonely

    1.Take Shorter Trips First

    Preparing for your absence will help your cat to not be too bored and lonely while you are gone. If you are going on a long trip, try taking a shorter trip first to get him accustomed to your absence and better acquainted with his caretaker.


    One former cat sitting client we had at Just For Cats was nervous about leaving her fur baby for a month. She started months ahead with an overnight trip. A few weeks later she had us care for her cat while she left for a weekend. She gradually made her trips longer to help her cat adjust to her leaving and coming back and to get acquainted with his new friend. Her cat and his caregiver were best friends by the time she had to go on her long trip.

    2.Provide Stimulating Self-Play Cat Toys

    Your kitty will be spending time alone in between visits with their caretakers, and your cat  may get lonely and become bored during those times. Boredom can lead to bad behaviors so lets keep kitty busy! Banish boredom by picking up a few new toys for him to play with when you leave. Put some of the toys in a cupboard, so your caregiver can give kitty a new one every couple of days. New toys will keep him happy and occupied. You can also pick up some of his toys ahead of time and put them away until you leave. If they havent seen them in a while, they can seem like new!

    3.Create a Calm Atmosphere

    Cats may get lonely when the house is too quiet and you arent around to snuggle. Try putting on some calming music, like streaming Music For Cats on your smart tv or iPad. You can also stream Relax My Cat on YouTube, which also provides visual stimulation. These videos show birds at a feeder, and an aquarium to keep your kitty entertained. The music and visuals help to keep kitty calm and his mind occupied.

    4.Coming Home to a Cool Cat

    Your kitty may run to you and act love starved when you return home. Sometimes cats do the opposite and will steer clear for awhile. They may do a slow walk away or sit with their back to your for a while, telling you he was missing you and maybe he is still a little upset. It helps to come in singing the cats name, and being ready for their love!

    This does not mean your sitter was bad and kitty was miserable. It was a change for him when you left, and your cat didnt understand why you were gone. Now, its a change when you come back, although he is glad youre home.

    Also, you smell funny! No, Im not saying you smell badly! You are carrying the smells of the places you have been instead of the homesmell.

    Bring him a special gift from your travels, and be patient. You two will be cuddling up together again soon!

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