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How to prevent heatstroke in pets, and how to first aid when heatstroke occurs?

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  1. What are the symptoms of pet heatstroke, how should we first aid and prevent it?
    In the hot summer, with the high temperature of the climate, the body temperature of pets will gradually increase. At this time, we need to pay attention to cooling the pets, otherwise the body temperature will be too high, which will lead to heat stroke.

    Pets lack sweat glands, cats, dogs, and most of them can only lower their body heat through panting and the cool outside environment, so they are prone to heatstroke.

    Why do pets get heatstroke?
    1: Excessive exercise
    2:Hot weather can raise your pet's body temperature
    3:Excessive loss of water in the body, no timely replenishment of water.
    4:Too hot and pets are left in an enclosed or hot environment.
    5:Pets that are overweight or obese, have trouble breathing, have thick and long hair, and are too young or too old are more likely to suffer from heat stroke.

    During the summer, shovelers need to watch for signs that pets may be suffering from heat stroke, including:Grumpy, looking for shade everywhere, panting, drooling, licking hair

    More severe heatstroke symptoms include:Difficulty breathing, redness of tongue and gums, vomiting, diarrhea, possibly bloody, little or no urination, weakness, lethargy, muscle tremors, uncoordinated movements, buoyant feet, sudden fainting Seizures.

    Shit shoveling officers can also take the pet’s temperature (to check for heatstroke. When the pet’s body temperature exceeds 39.4°C, it will be considered an abnormal body temperature or hyperthermia, and there will be signs of heatstroke. If the pet has no other signs of illness but the body temperature reaches 41 At °C, it is basically caused by too long in an environment where the temperature is too high, and there will be signs of heat stroke; when the pet's body temperature reaches 41.2 °C ~ 42.7 °C, it will lead to serious multiple organ failure and death.

    Heat stroke in pets is a very serious sudden symptom. How should we carry out pet first aid if heat stroke occurs?

    Move the pet to a cool environment and cool the pet with cold water. Fans can help speed up the evaporation of water, and let the pet drink as much cold water as possible. Wetting the environment near the pet will also help to cool down. Do not use ice water or ice cubes, which may cause other problems

    How to prevent heat stroke in pets?
    Provide a cool and ventilated environment for pets, hydrate your pets, avoid the heat of noon, choose to walk your dog when it is cooler in the morning and evening, take a long walk with your pet, pay attention to rest in the middle, and bring enough drinking water

    People and pets have different constitutions. Heat stroke can be a very serious thing for a cat or dog. Watch your pet for signs of heatstroke during this hot summer. Owners should cool their pets and seek veterinary care if there are signs of heat stroke.

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