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Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool in Summer

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  1. Tips for Keeping Your Cat Cool in Summer

    Summer is just near the corner, and whether you have a cat who remains strictly indoors or a nature-loving adventurer who enjoys the great outdoors, we've got suggestions to help you keep your amazing kitty cool, safe, and comfortable all summer long.

    Give Her the Spa Therapy
    Who doesn't love a fine hair day? Your cat's lovely coat is her crowning glory, but a little help getting rid of that winter coat will perk up her appearance and make her more relaxed in the summer heat. Regular brushing at home with Hank deshedding brush — Which means less fur on your furniture, too!

    Save Her From Parasites
    Atlanta's lovely, subtropical climate implies that our cats need parasite prevention year-round, but we must be extra alert during our hot, humid summers. Organize a wellness visit before summer is in full swing and ask about safe, effective flea, tick, and heartworm preventives or use Hank flea comb. Even if your cat stays indoors, these irritating parasites can wriggle their way through screens, tie a ride on your clothing, or fly right through an open door. 

     Leave fresh water around the house
    Yes, cats love to be comfortable, but they can still overheat. Make sure your cat always has clean water, and never contain her in a space that could get too hot. If she does like to see the outdoors, make sure she has access to a shaded spot with plenty of water. Add a few ice cubes to make the water extra refreshing! Keep a close eye on senior or overweight cats who are more inclined to heat exhaustion. 

    Plan a Summer of Fun Activities
    Summer cat fun is limited only by your creativity! Cat owner activities for summer can be as easy as making frozen cat treats (tuna cubes, anyone?) or as complicated as adding a catio. Float some toys in a container of water and watch her try to scoop them out, or help her hunting instinct by hiding some of her favorite toys or treats in a box loaded with grass clippings and leaves. Any type of indoor or outdoor enrichment will add to your cat’s quality of life and make her summer special!

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